Saturday, August 4, 2012

Glamour Girl Reviews - Carmex Giveaway

Hello! I am back with another Carmex review. Since, I am a member of the Carmex Blog Squad I always get sent any new or upcoming products to test out, and I love it because Carmex makes really good products. They also always send me really cute kits to try out and to send to my lucky readers.

Anyway, this time was no different. They sent me a very neat kit full of Carmex goodies and it came with the new Pomegranate flavor lip balm stick.

The kit came with a beach bag and six flavors of lip balms! The flavors include original, cherry, strawberry, vanilla, lime twist, and pomegranate. Which I think is enough lip balm to last me for the next few years!

These lip balms are very popular, but if you have never tried them they are ultra moisturizing. They go on very easily and smoothly. I really like that they are made with SPF 15 water resistant sunscreen. They are the perfect lip balm for the beach and this summer heat. It's like putting sun block on your lips, so you know that the skin on your lips are being protected from the sun's harmful rays.

Speaking of the beach, I finally got to go to the beach today! I haven't been able to go yet all summer. So, I was super excited to go today and I was so thankful that Carmex sent me this lovely kit. I used the Lime Twist lip balm on my lips and I used the handy beach bag as well. I loved the little zippered bag that comes attached to the beach bag, I was able to keep my cell phone and headphones protected from the sand in there. The bag was plenty big enough to keep everything I wanted to bring, including my beach towel, sunglasses, hat, water bottle, clothes, flip flops, and sun lotions.

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